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  • Mastering Camera basics
  • Understanding photography factors
  • Easy photography tips
  • Take perfect pictures
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The 10 Chapters you'll find in this Free e-Book :
  1. The Dummies Guide For Getting Amazing Digital Photographs
  2. Start By Taking The Perfect Photograph
  3. Understanding Exposure Part 1 Aperture
  4. Understanding Exposure Part 2 ShutterSpeed
  5. Better Photographs with Exposure Compensation
  6. Correcting Your Photographs Using Exposure Compensation
  7. ISO Or Not To ISO - That's The Question
  8. Understand ISO And Use It As Part Of Your Exposure
  9. Does Your Picture Size REALLY Matter
  10. The Importance Higher Image Quality Has In Better Pictures

and much more...

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Best Photography for Dummies book

Photography for Beginners eBook

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